Creality Print not showing supports, even if they are selected

Hi !
I’m having a problem with the creality print software. It’s not the first time this happens.
I’m slicing a model and I need supports. I have the option selected:

but in the preview window, no supports are showing and there’s no time or percent given for the supports in the structure type preview window:

This is an annoying bug that prevents from using this software.
I’m using Linux and my Creality Print version is the latest available for Linux.

Does it show when all the support settings are default…?

I had to delete all the Creality directories in .local, .config and .cache - basically reset the application (losing all my configurations) so that the supports could appear again. :frowning:

This is not the first time something like this happens.

Creality Print has a newer version. 5.0 that was just released this week…

Read about it on the Creality Blog :arrow_right: HERE

Thank you .
But I’ve realized now that I’m been using the name wrong. I have the Creality Print and not the slicer.
I’ve already opened a ticket with Creality because the Linux Version is behind the windows and Mac.
Now they have launched another version for Windows and still not for Linux.

Unfortunately I only have experience with Windows Creality Print…

Someone else on here would most likely know the difference and use Linux…

On the github repository there’s a newer version of the Creality Print for Linux than the one available on their page.
I’ve installed it and will wait for version 5 to be released.
Thank you