Creality Print PLEASE add a support block feature >.>

I know I should use a different slicer. Hell I still use the old Creality Slicer 4.8 for my 5 Cr6 Se and Max. That one has a support block feature and I love it. Sadly Creality print is needed for my Cr10 se and the K1 Max. It works fine, but if we could get a “Support Block” button it would be a benefit to the slicer. Tree supports are my goto in the new slicer but sometimes they are EVERYWHERE and blocking some would be a godsend.

I would think this would be easy to add. Please? O.o

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I’ve used Creality Print ( haven’t updated to 5.0 yet ) and in the slicer settings you can’t block any supports but you can change how many are showing up.
My setting in there is 75. I can change that to 73.4 or any fraction if I need to and there will be less supports. Just have to experiment…

You can manually add supports in Creality Print but I haven’t really worked with that feature much…

Thank you for your reply. :slight_smile: My issue I create holes where pins will go to assemble the model. The slicer ALWAYS puts a support in those holes under the model but they do not need to be supported to print successfully. These supports are hell to remove >.> as the holes are small. If we can just block them, problem solved.

It is a simple feature found on just about every slicer.

But I do thank you and anyone who posts. Not trying to be rude, just frustrated this feature was not included. >.>

Just for a test keep turning that number I showed on the picture down each time and see what the supports do…,

Or…Have you tried turning off supports in the slicer and adding them manually.

:slight_smile: I have tested your settings and it does reduce to the support count but it still puts supports in the bottom holes where they are not needed. A “block support” feature would cure this.

As per your suggestion of turning off supports and adding manually, this is is how we have had to do it lately but with mixed results. Most times, adding supports manually caused the supports to fuse with the model making them impossible to remove. From what I am seeing, turning off supports, also turns off your support settings.

Very grateful for your support jimandyen. Still hoping a “block support” feature will be added as this would make every other suggestion unnecessary.

Playing around with CR Print 5 now. Painting supports is helping a lot and works well on the K1 Max. They just need to add our CR10 SE to it’s printer list and I am gold. :slight_smile: