Creality Print project

I wonder if it is possible to create projects in Creality Print where the printing is stopped for color change at a specific layer.

I switched to Orca Slicer because of that, the function in CP wasn’t working and the work around is to add manually the steps in the GCODE. In Orca you can do it from the there without editing the gcode file.

How to do it in Orca Here:

Yes there is, I don’t know what slicer/controller you use but here is my set-up:

I’m using PrusaSlicer and you can select tool change at the layer you want.

I’m using Octoprint that sends the commands to the Ender5 plus.
In Octoprint I’ve added the following G-code:

After this, the printer stops at a tool change untill you select “resume” again.