Creality Print - Segment fault in Linux

Hello all,

As a recent owner of the new Ender 3 V3 SE, I have found myself using the Creality Print Slicer since Cura still does not have a profile for this printer. The problem is that the Linux version of Creality Print (I’m an Ubuntu 23.04 user) does not work, for me at least (segment fault as soon as I try to slice any model).

Problem has been reported to Creality, and they are investigating. So far they have produced a version that does not segfault, but still does not produce any output gcode file. Since it seems they cannot reproduce the issue, feedback from other Linux users could be useful. Anyone else havign similar problems?


I have Creality Ender 3 pro and almost the same problem with Creality Print on two Linux Mint 21.2 machines. Only difference, that Creality Print Appimage does not even starting. I fond it in terminal, that it crashes with message about segmentation fault.


Creality is working on the topic (we had a few exchanges since my first report), and hopefully will have a new version soon.