Creality Print show yellow model part in Prepare

Hi All,

Anybody know what is mean the yellow part of single model in Creality Print? I try to add support column for those which is not possible also.
This is my model from Creality Cloud: F-22 Raptor | 3D models download | Creality Cloud

That looks like supports that are added by the slicer when you click on “automatic supports”

What are your slicer settings for support…?

This is where you can add supports manually or Auto.

That is nothing related to support columns. Just click on Open File and Yes for auto-scale down to my 22x22cm bed size and here is the results.

Note the first picture as Profile/“Generate Support” just applicable after Sliced, but those are Prepare window without any support added.

Oh ok. Sorry. I was looking at the wrong color… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I see what you mean now…

Can you click on file / merge model to make it all one …?

Yes I can scale or move it, but the left horizontal fin/stabilizer still yellow and move together with the model

That is visible in Blender those left fin just 3 triangle mesh meanwhile the right side more complex. But those are still don’t tell my what is this yellow color in the model meaning.

I’ll download it and see how it looks here…

I got the same Yellow tail fin as you did. I did “model repair” and some adjustments to the scale and the yellow part went away.
This leads me to believe that when you see a yellow part it’s some error or needs repair…???

So I added auto supports and got this…
I don’t usually add auto supports but just to show this model…

Where can I find those model repair function?

I found it Tools/Model Repair see 6 errors in the model. Thanks for your help
I also learned something today :smiley:

On the menu bar at the top. Tool / Model Repair

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