Creality print UI

i’m getting messed up drop down menus with creality print, any idea how to fix it?

Display Settings> Scale. Turn it down a bit, mine is 145% and mostly all fits. Was on 150% but then I couldn’t see the edit settings button on the bottom of the right hand material/machine panel.

Hello @molhamd …! :wave:

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What operating system are you using… ?

I think what @Bonfireman said refers to Windows and that could be the problem…?
I use Win 10 and it works fine though at 100%
Maybe reinstall…? Something is messing up that menu. Sometimes the settings on another program will interfere…

100% is too small for my aged eyes, had mine at 150% and I lost the edit button so I settled on 145%

Thank you Gents,

Iam on windows 11, my default screen resolution is 2880x1800 and the scale is set to 200% by default if I lower this down to 150% the overall icons, fonts …etc would be super tiny

I used 175% which is a bit better but still have the same issue.

Seems creality has to work out some solution here.