Creality Print Unresponsive

After completing a print operation on the K1 Max, the Creality Print app freezes up completely. No matter what I click on in the app window, the only response is the “error” sound. Recovery requires launching the task manager, stopping Creality Print, and then restarting it. The K1 Max runs just fine using the local touchscreen control.

I’m running the K1 Max with firmware v1.3.2.20 , Creality Print v4.3.7.6619, and Windows 11 Pro.

Any ideas?

Hi @DaveK-OR welcome to the forums!

Sorry to hear you are having issues with Creality Print. I would recommend rolling back to the previous version and see if the issue persists. Here is a link to the v4.3.6.6242
Creality Print v4.3.6.6242

Maybe reinstall Creality Print. I’m running the same version and it seems to be doing ok…

Have you tried going into the WebUI…? Whatever IP address the printer is using and see what happens…?