Creality Print vs Firmware retraction

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I was curious if and how any of you have implemented firmware retraction (especially if using KAMP). I am not sure on the best way of how to enable it within creality print as there is not a Enable Firmware retraction setting as there is in some other slicers. Once enabled what would you recommend changing to the default retraction settings if anything?

Currently the default settings are working great for retraction, but with KAMP I do need to have a better retraction between purging and printing, hence why I am looking to enable firmware retraction. I understand the pros and cons, just not sure how to implement this with creality print. Thanks for any help!

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Just to make sure I understand are you talking about filament retraction settings…?
This is the Creality Print screenshot of the retraction settings:

KAMP firmware retraction for the adaptive purging is usually done within the printers configuration files.

Here is a link to some documentation that covers adding firmware retraction to your config files…

KAMP - Firmware filament retraction

Yes these are the settings but there is no clear way to enable the retraction to be managed by the firmware. For example some other slicers have an option you can turn on/off that is simply “enable firmware retraction”. To enable creality print to insert only g10/g11 commands do I simply disable retraction (uncheck it in your image) and it will default to the firmware without a specific enable option?

Yes I have looked through this and understand how to configure the settings here but not how they would interact with the settings in creality print (as pictured above in Jimandyen’s image). If I set up the firmware retraction with the same settings as what is configured in creality print will it over right or perform both ? Also the main issue I have seen is when trying to use Creality print to run a calibration test from the menu (like a temp tower) the purge line is in the middle of the base of the tower. So something is not correct, but when I print a model from creality print the purge line and KAMP mesh are all working as intended.

The calibration tests will likely not be generating object labels for the model and therefore when the KAMP procedure runs it does not know where the model would be so defaults to purging in the middle of the bed. You would likely be best disabling KAMP while doing calibrations of remove the purge line as soon as its finished purging before the print starts.

Is there no way to define an area to purge in when an object label is not present ? Otherwise, this is very helpful thank you!

As far as I am aware by default Creality Print does not label the objects. You could try enabling “Exclude Objects” in the Experimental section of the Creality Print profile settings to see if it will work.

Alternatively you could use OrcaSlicer which also has calibration tests and also allows labeling of objects so KAMP should work as normal with Orca.

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