Creality Rotary Kit Pro für Falcon 2 40W Pro

Möchte das Rotary Kit testen und muss dafür wegen der Objekthöhe beim Falcon 2 Pro die Schublade rausziehen. Kann ich den Sicherheitsmechanismus überlisten, damit der Laser auch bei entfernter Schublade arbeitet?

I used a translator to understand your question, so it might be something wrong that talks about a “drawer” - I’m not sure what you mean by that.
I can suggest just raising the laser engraver as much as needed so you can use the rotary tool. No need for fancy legs - just make sure it’s stable enough. Use books, wood, or whatever allows you to raise the engraver so the laser sits above the part you are trying to engrave. Of course, if this is something you’ll need to repeat, I’d find a more sustainable solution, but you should find an easy way to do this. As mentionned, just make sure the engraver is stable so it doesn’t vibrate when moving, which could ruin your engraving.

Good luck! / Viel Glück!

Google translation to English:

The Falcon 2 Pro is enclosed and has a drawer at the bottom of it.

Not sure how Creality envisioned this being used with the rotary tool and risers, both of which are mentioned in passing in the Falcon 2 Pro User Manual under the “Packing List → Optional” heading.

A bit of Googling and I found Falcon 2 Pro Rotary setup which looks like the Pro was not designed adequately to work with a rotary tool and some creative DIY solution might be required.

Hope this helps.

Thank you @Wet.Coast for the details!
As always, you shed some lights on stuff I didn’t realize.
That is really appreciated.

Now, I do understand what you mean - Creality didn’t really think their way through this.
I did regret at some point buying the “base” 22w unit and a separate enclosure, but now I’m kind of happy I did :).

The plan is to build myself a proper enclosure, using the orange plastic windows that came on the one I bought, and I’ll make sure to leave enough room for the rotary tool (the PRO one).
I’m just waiting for a special pricer to buy it - the cheapest I could find so far is this one:

There are two switches inside, front left, you can use these to override the safeties, be very careful though, the laser will fire…

Ja, da ist ein Magnetschalter vorne links der erkennt ob die Schublade geschlossen ist, den kannst du überlisten.