CREALITY´s guitar picks


Printer: Ender 3 S1 pro
Materials selected: PLA
Print settings: Settings: 0.2mm layer height, Ironing, 100% infill and default parameters for all other settings.
Print time: about 5 hours (designing and printing)
Description: Fully functional guitar picks, I designed them in solidworks going through 3 prototypes, to the final prototype I added the letters of the word CREALITY, letter by letter, leaving an empty space with the shape of the letters to be able to make a filament change in the second layer.
Proof of originality: Creality Cloud -Guitar pick CREALITY From 4Dsign Guitar pick CREALITY | 3D models download | Creality Cloud
Country/region: Mexico

Proof that it works well (I´m not the best) :joy::