Creality slicer crashing and right before opening

My k1 max slicer keeps crashing before opening I just got this printer 2 weeks ago and downloaded the most recent slicer and now it’s crashing I haven’t been able to open it since Tuesday and today is Friday I have been searching YouTube and google for a answer and nothing is happening I deleted and reinstalled it 4 times and it still keeps crashing

Hello @Hayden_Anderson

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Sorry about the crashing… :cry:

You didn’t mention what Operating System (OS) and slicer you are using. using…?
Maybe try another computer…

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You didnt mention which version of the slicer you are using. If you could let us know that would be great.

The firmware is:CR4CU220812S11_ota_img_V1.3.3.5.img
Slicer software is: Creality_Print-v4.3.8.6984-win64-Release.exe
Error window is attached.

What can I do to correct this?

Update, I had it working for 1 model and crashed again…

Should I just purchase a different Printer and support Software?

I have the same version of Creality print, Windows 11Pro and experience for some time these crashes at openings also. On second attempt it usually works, cannot find any pattern and/or context.