Creality slicer no ender 5 s1 sonic pad

Dose anyone know what creality slicer software will work with the ender 5 s1 and sonic pad? I downloaded the newest version and there’s only ender 3 series printers to pick from no 5’s. Im lost.

Do you Creality Print 5.0? No Ender 5s on there, perhaps in the future. I have stuck with 4.8, my Ender 5 plus shows up on there.

Ya but nothing with the s1 and sonic pad.

Do you mean when you add a printer on the Sonic Pad you can’t see that particular Ender 5? I can see my Ender 5 plus, not at my Sonic Pad so can’t double check that but I thought it was on there.

Sorry no i cant find any profile for a ender 5 s1 with sonic pad in the creality slicer software on my pc. I have version 4.8.2 and there’s a ender 5 s1 but nothing for a sonic pad.

Whats the difference with creality print i see that with version v4.3.5 under description they added Optimized, the slice parameters ender-5 s1, ender 3 s1,ender 3 s1 pro , and soinc pad printer. Whatever that is. Thats back in 3/6/2023. If you download the newest version v5.0.0.8636 of that crality print.
It only gives you like three profiles for ender printers to pick from i think there all ender 3 Series.

Like I said none of the Ender 5 printers are on the newest version yet, a bit annoying. 4.3.8 has it, just checked. We shall have to wait for 5.0 to catch up some day.

There is no K1C or K1 at all.

I don’t know about sonic but Creality Print 5.xx has all the profiles for the K1 series…

None of the K series are on the Sonic Pad.