Creality software works with Creality hardware?

I bought the Ender 3 V3 SE and it functions very well so far but what´s the USB 3 for? I expected Creality software would work with Creality hardware. I have Win 10 but get no connection with the 3D printer. What should I do?

You use Creality Print in Windows to slice and create the gcode files. Then transfer them to an SD card and then insert the card into the printer because there is not wifi on the SE. The USB C is for other file transfer options.

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Thanks for answering!

I fully understand the file transfer with the SD card and so forth. But You write ”The USB C is for other file transfer options.”

Exactly what other file?

Creality wasn’t specific about that. It just said other file options. Have you tried transferring files with a USB stick to the printer… ? I think Creality might also have other accessories like a camera or something to connect to it…