Creality Sonic Pad Fault

Hi, I purchased the Creality Sonic Pad and when doing the initial setup I was able to put my language in but then when the next button comes on the screen it is unresponsive. I have been onto creality support and they wanted a video, I sent 2. They now want more video it is hard to show anymore as the Pad won’t go past the first screen. I think it has a fault in the touch screen as if left alone the next button area gets quite hot but is unresposive to touch.

Hi @Magpi17 ,
Welcome to the forum. I hope someone can help with this. Did you buy it new on Amazon or Creality ?

At least you got an answer from them… :+1:

Straight from the Creality Shop in Australia

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I get the same ‘bot’ response about sending the same info over and over. Truth be told, i put a package together containing relevant docs/pix, and I’m getting a bit snarky about it.
If there is a language barrier, I add a google translate version, then add in: If anything is unclear, tell me exactly what is unclear. If you ask for my sales info again, maybe this job needs skills and motivation you have yet to master.

如果有任何不清楚的地方,請準確地告訴我不清楚的地方。 如果你再次詢問我的銷售訊息,也許這份工作需要你尚未掌握的技能和動力。
Rúguǒ yǒu rènhé bù qīngchǔ dì dìfāng, qǐng zhǔnquè de gàosù wǒ bù qīngchǔ dì dìfāng. Rúguǒ nǐ zàicì xúnwèn wǒ de xiāoshòu xùnxí, yěxǔ zhè fèn gōngzuò xūyào nǐ shàngwèi zhǎngwò de jìnéng hé dònglì.

I feel your pain, they have finally agrred to replace the unit. They kept the You have flashed the wrong firmware thing, but when I put in Capitals that No I havn’t because I havn’t flashed any firmware as I cannot get past the language screen. I also said I was going to contact Consumer Affairs which I did.

Just received mine, brand new same issue with the screen!
And now the fun begins I guess.

Once I got through the I am not sending another video and I want a replacement the process was fairly quick. Just be sure when you send it back to inform Support to keep the ticket alive, the replacement will also arrive quicker. My new Sonic Pad installed easy and I like it.

@mackemsmigg, Welcome to the Creality Forum.

Hopefully you get that resolved quick.

Where did you buy it from…?

I bought it direct from creality UK store online.