Creality V3 KE Local model storage

The control panel on my V3 KE shows ‘Local storage’ as well as ‘USB storage’. How can I control storage eg add or remove models from local storage? What is the capacity of local storage?

I don’t know the capacity but if you access the printer either by web browser or Creality Print you should be able to browse the files and add/remove them.

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Doesn’t the KE have a SD card for local storage…?

I believe on the left side of the machine the SD slot is hidden under the white sticker.
You might could pull the card out and see how much storage is on it…??

SE yes but the KE keeps info on the Nebula pad, there are no SD card sockets, there are slots for them but no connections on the motherboard, they are there on the SE though.

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Sorry I’ve been so long replying. On the Nebula pad which comes with the KE there are two USB slots which take pen drives for transferring data so I assume a SD card reader could be used. Have got to grips with adding the printer to my LAN so managing the prints memory from the slicer is easy (although it can be done on the pad). I’ve still no idea how large the pad’s memory is.

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