Creality Wiki is officially online!

Knowledge Base of K1 & K1 Max is ready on Creality Wiki

Comprehensive guides to K1

Comprehensive guides to K1 Max

What’s included?

  • Manual - Quick Start Guide & User Manuals

  • Maintenance Tips

  • Troubleshooting - Include Error Code Trouble Shooting & Other Issues

  • Parts Replacement Guide

We’re still working on the Creality Wiki, so comment below what else of troubleshooting regarding the K1 series you want to see there.

Also, welcome to fill out the Form of Voice of User for any Product Feedback and Suggestions that can help us improve.…/shrcn0Hfmc6Nau0q0I…


If you have any content or models that you want to know about, please leave a message and let us know, we will update it first!