Creality x Rokid

In the futurist AR world strengthened by Creality, everyone is unique.

Creality offers the chance for innovative designers to redesign the cover of AR glass @Rokid!

Feel free to add your make in the link:
Rokid Max Cover | 3D models download | Creality Cloud

or make your fascinating models in Creality Cloud to join in!


This is my redesign of the rokid max cover.
I would love to win a K1 printer.
Go like my post at This is my entry for the Rokid Cover Design Competition. Hosted by @Rokid & @Creality This is an amazing collab, and a fantastic idea for a competition. Go Vote for my design at I would love to win the printer and thre glasses #RokidCoverDesign #3dprintmixar | Creality Cloud

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