Crealo tu Ender 3 s1 pro

on my ender 3 s1 pro I have no adherence to the printing plate and the printing always starts fro

Hi, @NallyMaker Trying to re-level

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I leveled the deck with the automatic and manual system but nothing changed. I also tried changing the plate and extruder temperatures but that didn’t fix the problem. I also applied hairspray, but nothing. What can I do?

Leveling Reference Video:
Service Tutorial Ender - 3 S1 Pro X axis Leveling Adjustment

Ender - 3 S1 Pro Auxiliary Leveling

Leveling requires attention to the Z-axis compensation value.

If the print still fails, it is recommended to record a video or take a picture for reference.

Grazie Collin, ho seguito i tuoi suggerimenti e ora la stampante funziona bene.