Crelaity CR10 Pro Max - Print bed not moving smoothly

Hi all

Wondering if anyone can offer me any help. Currently experiencing an issue where the bed is not moving smoothly and causing layers to become out of sync with where they should be becasue of the bed slipping. (Images attached).

The issue gets better when the belts are slacked off but then the belts are to loose and the printer makes alot of noise.

I have taken the belts which move the bed off and the bed moves smoothly on its own with just the wheels that run along the grooves in the rails. This makes me think the issue lies with either the belt or the motor. The belt looks in normal condition. The Mgear shafts from the motor that drives the print bed does not move whilst turned by hand with the machine off (no idea if this is normal or not?) However the motor does move the gearhsaft normally when there is no belt on when turned when operated by the screen.

The issue arose immediatley after moving the printer from one location in the office to another.

Any help or ideas for things to test are much appreciated!



@HarryB226 Hi,HarryB226, we have arranged an after-sales engineer to contact you.

Try lubricating grease.

Hello, I also have the same issue. what can i do to resolve it, Thank you.