Cutting acrylic?

I bought some generic perspex off eBay to experiment on. First colour I tried was blue. Laser didn’t even scratch the surface. Next I tried a peach colour, and it was a little better, but didn’t cut through even after 3 passes on slow speed. A little research suggests that transparent acrylics don’t cut well because the laser just passes straight through. It has been suggested that only black acrylic will work.

Imagine my surprise then when I see that Creality are selling a pack of 3 colours of very transparent acrylic. Is it some special sort of acrylic that cuts well? I’m reluctant to waste money if the results are going to be the same.

Acrylic sheets

Pretty much the same findings as me, I have a Snapmaker laser not Creality and I have only cut black. I might try some opaque white later to see if that cuts. UV just passes straight through clear acrylic 95% transmission, orange might work a little as it doesn’t let UV though hence safety enclosures use that colour. You’d need something in a different part of the spectrum to cut that, infrared. I’m still waiting for Snapmaker to release theirs, should be soon, love cutting acrylic.

I think a CO² Laser is best for Acrylic…

Diodes might have trouble and need at least 15-20W for acrylic up to 6-8mm thick in one pass.

Which is in the infrared part of the spectrum. The only reason black cuts with the UV is it can’t pass through, does cut really nice though, made some nice decorations for the missus. Bats being acrylic.

Nice cut. A little scary but very good detail… :bat: