CV Laser on ENder 3 s1 Pro


I have been searching for days to find answers and support email have not been responding. maybe someone can help? please

I purchased this printer with the 10w laser kit. it came with glasses, bracket, control box and the laser. I am having some issues and have some questions. I updated the screen firmware and i think the board however it didn’t seem to do anything when i did the board just started.

  1. I connected the control box, x,y, and z to the laser. unplugging the printer xyz cables.
  2. focused it as instructed - and pushed the button with a basic test word, it ran all through the motions without burning. like the pattern etc, just no laser zapping.

Question - why do i need the control box? the printer screen has engrave on it and if i leave everything connected and change to “engrave” it runs the program just fine. I still have to power the laser with the control box though which is really dumb? or do i have it wrong?

What’s the point of the firmware updates if the control box is attached and the main printers screen xyz is then disconnected?

Either way is connected the laser still just runs a pattern and never turns on or zaps and yep I turned everything off and unpluged before changing any wires.

so frustrated as the printer works fine for FDM. Also note that the documentation on the laser and installing it and using it is the worst and there is very little online that makes sense to the setup and combo I was sold by creaitly

Any help is appreciated and Merry Christmas

Hi @Graeme_Cross and welcome to the forums.

The control box is required as it has the configuration etc for the laser module programmed in to it, the firmware update for the printer is to install new configurations so that the printer can talk to the control box.

You should always run the laser using the control box as it has been programmed to work with the laser.

I would double check for any loose connections.