Data Sucking Vampires!

Was just going thru some routine PC maintenance when this awful thing appeared:

Now, I neither download nor upload models through the software. I also had 5 days of down time while I was rewiring part of the house, 4 days between getting Fluuid to work and ditching all that because creality released new firmware and software. (If you don’t upgrade, you get all sorts of errors until you do)
Can someone please tell me wtf is going on? (And how to stop this insanity)


The data usage is usually not downloads and uploads performed via the internet, its usually the data being transferred between your computer and your printer. When you use Creality Print/Fluidd web UI to monitor your printer or its camera there is a constant stream of data being transferred over your network between your devices. This is nothing to worry about and completely normal.

You can usually see this data transfer in action by monitoring your network activity in Task Manager whilst having Creality Print open while running a print.

Hope that puts your mind at ease :slight_smile: