Deeply confused by my problems with Creality Halot-Mage (non-pro)

So my first print came out perfect, but everything else has printed like this, or only printed supports instead of models. Can’t find anything online about this happening. Also, one time the motor stopped during printing, and wouldn’t engage again until I manually turned the pole that raises and lowers the build plate. Any help or insight would be tremendously appreciated.

hey @AgenKolar69 is the problem still occuring ?
To better help you diagnose the problem, seems like the resin isn’t expose properly. There’s seres of things we can try.

  1. Make sure temperature is above 20c
  2. Use halot box if you are not familiar with slicer setting
  3. Print a simple object like a cube to see if this problem occur

report back?
we can work throught his together