Defective K1 Max bought on Amazon, work with vendor or use creality customer service?

Just took delivery yesterday, got error 2505 during initial setup while executing Active Leveling. Subsequent restart this AM failed during initial setup while executing Input Shaping, reporting “abnormal ringing optimization”.

I made initial contact with the Amazon vendor & sent some pics of the error messages this AM. Should I start an initial contact with creality customer service, or should the vendor be able to handle the issue?

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If it were me and since you bought it through Amazon just return it or exchange. It would be quicker.

2505 code, motor drive abnormal

The main board fan bolt is against the main board X-axis drive heat dissipation block, and long-term contact causes damage to the drive chip


Please contact official after-sales

The vendor provided a replacement motherboard. After installation, the self check failed the “checking mainboard fan” step with a message “Abnormal mainboard fan”.

I checked the fan connection, it was good. The wire were not being pinched. I unplugged & replugged the connection & restarted. The same error occurred.

I removed the bottom plate to observe the fan function & turned on the machine. The fan started OK but the same error occurred again, so I turned off the machine & reattached the bottom plate.

Any suggestions? If the machine continues to fail self check, it will have to go back before the return window closes.

I think returning this printer will save you a lot of headaches. Just my thoughts…

I’m not sure what vendor you bought but try the Creality Storefront here:

Creality Official Store on Amazon

I’m with @jimanyen, return it. Stop the madness, this isn’t the experience you signed up for…

I initiated a return this morning following a vendor response that did not offer any additional advice beyond what I had already done (and described to them in the prior message).

Is there any way to lower the build plate on a K1 Max that cannot pass the initial self test? I need to re-package the machine, but it was originally packed with the plate at the bottom.


You can move the build plate Z axis on the screen menu… Do you know how to do that…?
I can send a pic if you don’t…

I’m not sure how to do it manually if the machine won’t respond… :frowning:

Go to this menu.
Press the “Z” (red arrow) first and the machine will find home position.
Then press “Z down arrow” until the build plate reaches the bottom.
(In the 1mm, 10mm, 30mm select 30mm.) I’ts faster… :sunglasses:

I couldn’t get to a menu because the machine never got past the initial self check. The bed raised at the first power up with the first error occuring following that movement. After each error it goes back to the self check on power up. No option for anything else.

I ended up just slowly turning the large pulley on the bottom until the plate backed down.


Sorry… :frowning:

Are you planning to get another printer…?

K1 Max

The max just got dropped at the UPS place & Amazon is doing a refund. Haven’t decided on a replacement yet. Kinda gun shy on creality at this point. Might give a Qidi Max3 a try.

I Don’t blame you. A friend of mine has one. He’s had a few issues with it too. It’s pretty heavy (66lbs) but I like the heated chamber feature and the 325 x 325 build plate… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I guess they all have some sort of issues but the customer service would be a deal breaker for me…

My K1 Max is doing just fine for now though… :+1:

Sorry you had to send it back.

Hello @nikdfish

Any updates on your printer replacement… Which one did you get…

Very interested to know… :eyes:

Bought a Qidi X-Max3 via amazon. Delivered intact & had it running within 15 minutes of getting it in place with all packing removed. Been printing with it a bit over a month with no significant issues, primarily in ASA. The heated chamber does well for ASA prints & rarely any warping.

Not a perfect machine, but has worked well so far. Customer support has been very responsive. I got updated components for the hot end in 3 working days from time of request, shipped from China.

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Thank you @nikdfish for sharing this update with us. It happens. Sorry you had a rough experience but I’m glad you are still in the hobby. Enjoy…! :+1: