Deleting GCode files with firmware V1.3.1.4

Hello everyone.

Since updating to version V., I can no longer delete GCode files from the printer.
Neither on the control panel directly, nor via the web interface or Creality Print.
The only way is to completely reset the printer (which is extremely annoying).
Can anyone understand this or is there a solution to this?


Best Regards,


I’m guessing we are talking about the K1… :slight_smile:
How did you delete the files on the printer before the firmware update… ?
I have a similar interface on the K1 Max…

If you’re using windows 10/11, try:
C:\Users[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Creality\Creative3D\4.3\GCodes
Also in there is a temp folder

Hope it helps, Cheers!