Difference between Ender 3 S1 Pro and Ender 3 S1 ProX

Apart from price what is the difference between the S1 Pro and S1 ProX?
The specs look exactly the same.

I could be wrong but apart from the misnamed one I saw on Ebay I don’t think there is a X version…

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It seen an X version I know of a plus version that’s the bigger print size

This amazon link suggests that there’s an increase in the max print speed from 160 mm/s on the Pro to 300 mm/s on the ProX

This is from https://www.crealityofficial.co.uk/


The ProX costs £30 more and from what I can see there is no difference in any of the specs

@PartySausage The maximum print speed is listed as 150mm/s for both Pro and ProX models.

Maybe the X model is sponsored by Elon Musk & for the extra £30 you get a blue tick :heavy_check_mark: :wink:


I saw the site and you are right. I don’t understand in the ads they still are always referring it to as an S1 Pro and never use the “X” in the description or in any of the comparisons.
I wouldn’t buy it as the “X” version until they tell us what the difference is… Maybe you get an extra roll of filament…?? or.???

I emailed the store and got this response

Dear Customer,
Thank you for your contact.
Creality Ender 3 S1 ProX has improved printing speed compared to Ender 3 S1 Pro.
Kind regards
Customer Service Department

So I emailed them again and asked for a link to the specification. The sent me a link to the original page that does not have the ProX specs.

I had a closer look at their “deal” and this is what they offer:

Ender Pro £265
Ender ProX £299
Ender ProX + 2kg PLA Filament £339

Which means they are charging £40 for 2kg filament yet if you buy it separately you can get it for £29.70!

This doesn’t inspire confidence so I have decided to avoid this store (and the ProX since I can not find any specs)

Hmm seems strange, hopefully someone can clear what’s going on but I feel it’s another store trying to make something seem better. Never seen Creality in with twitter X just yet