Dimensions and position of the exhaust nozzle

Does anyone have the diameter of the hose connection?

It would also be great to know how far the connection protrudes from the housing?

If someone could confirm the dimensions of the Falcon2 Pro, that would be great!

Thank you! :pray::smiley:

Does nobody know the dimensions of this hole?

The responsiveness in this forum is sad! :confused:

Hello @Ion7 and Welcome to the Creality Forum…! :wave:Creality

Great question but no one seems to know the answer…! :thinking:

I assume that this forum is run by the manufacturer. That’s exactly why I asked here. I assume that Creality reads here and involves themself. They should know their CAD data and have an interest in helping their potential customers to make an informed purchasing decision by providing reliable information. So far this has been a very disappointing experience.

If you did some research you would fine more Creality groups to get answers from just as we all do here if we don’t get an answer …

I’ll help you get started:

Creality Falcon 2 Pro Group

Don’t have the Falcon2 Pro, but do have their Protective Cover for Laser Engraver for my Falcon2 22w which may use the same exhaust fan.

Mine is tapered with 72.5mm outside diameter on the end and 75mm outside diameter on the inside.