distance nozzle print bed


i have a question about the distance nozzle to print bed.
When I make a Home drive the distance should be 6mm. That is what the software show me.
But when i measure it is under 6mm. About 5,7-5,8mm.
Is that normal?

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Not sure what a Home drive is but are your prints coming out ok…?


i not know the english word for Home drive.
I mean that all axis make the reference move. Like that when the print start.
But the distance is in all Z direction 0,2-0,3mm too less. Only when it print than it looks ok.
Normal should be when I drive up or down the Z axis it should be the value that me show in the software or not?
Distance 6mm should be 6mm from Nozzle to bed or not? The same e.x. 10mm, 4mm…