Do I need a build plate kit?

Hi , so I just ordered the bundle of the ender 3 v3 ke, filaments and dry box 2.0 off the creality website. One of the bundles included a ‘PEI build plate kit’, but it was showing aa out of stock. I’m totally new to this so probably a stupid question, but surely the printer would come with a build plate anyway? Just wondering do I need to search for one on Amazon? Thanks.

Hello @Darren_Stewart

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I’m 99.9% sure that the printer will come with a PEI build plate included. Most all printers do.
The bundles include a build plate because it’s always good to have an extra one to switch out while it’s being cleaned or something. Build plates have different textures on them also. Smooth or textured. Depends on what look you want on the model.

That makes sense. Thanks Jim, much appreciated :grin: