Does anyone have a head cooler for Ender 3 S1 Pro to recommend?

Hey, I wanted to upgrade the cooling in the ender 3 S1 pro to this ( Free STL file Ender 3 S1 Dual 40mm Fan Hot End Duct 🥵・3D print design to download・Cults ) and I am wondering if it is good. If anyone has a better cooling I would ask you to send me a link. I have one more question, if I connect a fan from noctua ( ) to the head like in the picture would it work and would everything work and the printer can adjust the speed? (I don’t know anything about electronics so if this is stupid I apologize).

I still have an idea using an inverter set from 24V to 12V. Only then what about the two cables (blue and yellow) from the PWM contact from the fan? If I connect only + and - through the inverter, will the printer be able to control them?
The standard factory fan is connected only through the two cables + and - and the printer can control the speed of the fan, only that there is no inverter in the way.

Where are you pulling the 24V input from???

If you are pulling from power supply, no. It will run at constant 12V at the amperage the fan pulls.

If you’re pulling from the board to fan circuit, I don’t believe the factory fan circuit runs at constant voltage. I believe it regulates voltage to control fan speed.

I’ll have to look into the boards fan circuit output voltage to confirm.

I take power from the 2 pin socket on the board behind the extruder

So it’s the fan circuit connector yes?

That’s a 24 volt circuit by looking at the schematic. The step down board you pictured is designed to work on constant 24v. If the board varies the voltage to lower fan speed, that board will not work consistently, vary speed well or last long.

You would be better off installing 24v fans on whatever upgraded mount you intend to use unless you want full speed consistently.

Will use a 24V fan, thanks for your help

Glad to help :slight_smile: