Does China have a lemon law?

I bought the K1 with excitement and sadly I’ve worked on it more than I have printed with it. Actually, I have not had a single successful quality print off of it. Started out of the box with ringing then under extruding and now won’t extrude at all and the ringing issue isn’t even fixed. I’ve sped it up I’ve slowed it down, I’ve tightened the belts, loosened the belts, I even left the screws that tightened the tensioner loose which has yielded me my best results so far, squared the frame, lubed the ways, taken the bowden tube out of the drag chain, replaced the bowden tube, replaced the extruder, new nozzle, ran the self-check calibration crap about 6000 times. I am done. I have 3 3D printers and they are all creality printers and I was very happy with them until I bought the K1. What a disappointment.

So it makes us two. At least you’ve got luckier than me. I’ve bought mine during pre-sales. Waited a month for it. After a week I had an extruder problem. It was replaced after 10 days and realized my prints were skewed. Tried everything I could to make it work, until I’ve sent my printer to local Creality support on September 19, almost 2 months ago, and it’s still there. Today they’ve told me that exchanging my printer was approved, but I’ll have to wait at least 2 weeks, because they don’t have it available locally.

This is my first Creality printer, and if it keeps going this way, my last.

I bought my K1 Max from Amazon’s Creality Official Store. I am in Italy and knew that in case of issues would be easier and faster change the printer.
My first one was great but with a problem with circles: they were not circular but ovalized.
Creality asked me to change the printer with a new one. So I returned it, refunded and bought another one. The one I have is perfect. I am really satisfied.
So my advice is this: if your new printer has problems, the first thing to do is to return it. A new printer must work immediately.