Does Falcon2 22W work in buffered mode?

I have been having trouble driving my Falcon2 22W from Lightburn on a Windows 10 64-bit machine.

When set to Buffered transfer mode, I am getting what is clearly buffer overrun. The same print fails repeatably at exactly the same point in the transfer. I get an Error 24, and data is lost leading to corruption of the printed image. I’ve done it about 15 times with identical failures at exactly the same point. It is not EMI.

When I set the transfer mode to Synchronous, it all works perfectly. I haven’t noticed any reduction in print speed as a result.

So, can the Falcon2 be made to work in Buffered mode? I’ve tried DTR and that makes no difference.

Using latest Windows, Falcon2 and Lightburn software.

This is a good question that unfortunately I don’t have an answer for.
However, the fact you changed the communication method to synchronous and it now work seems to indicate that it’s this way it works.
My engraver isn’t hooked up to a computer directly, so I can’t test this on my side.

I just hope for you that it now works properly…and stays that way! :slight_smile: