Does the Creality K1 offer multi-material printing like the Bambu Lab Carbon X1 and AMS?

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Although the Creality K1 is a powerful machine with a single extruder that allows printing with a wide array of filaments, it does not offer multi-material printing like the Bambu Lab X1 Carbon with AMS system. The K1 lacks a dual or multi-extruder setup, which is essential for printing with multiple materials simultaneously in a single print job. Therefore, if you are looking for a printer specifically designed for multi-material printing, you should go for the Bambu Lab X1 Carbon or any other printer with a dual or multi-extruder setup.

K1 Speedy 3D Printer

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In reference to multiple colors prints do a search for 3d chameleon. I do not know if this product is what it claims or if it would work on Creality. Something to check out though maybe…?

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I don’t think it would come to this version of K1. Taking a look of it’s motherboard, it doesn’t have ports to control automatic filament changes.

The upgrade that maybe is possible out of the box, would be the use of an AC heated bed, once that there is an AC bed connector on it.

3D Chameleon works out to around 350$ Canadian w shipping and tax. Looks promising but I will be building a wall mounted dry box for 12 spools before I invest in that.
If you haven’t checked that link, what the heck are you waiting for…
Click it!
Watch the vid!

I would like to see how your 12 roll drybox comes out. That sounds like an interesting project. I just have a dehydrator that fits 6 1kg rolls.

Easier if they all came the same size! argh

This looks like a two-spool AMS with Creality branding on it next to their picture of the K1C on the Creality web site. I’d like one of those, please! But it says, “optional” above the AMS and I can’t find it as a stand alone product on the Creality store.

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I wish it were but that picture is actually of a dual roll filament dryer. It’s like the Space Pi but holds two filaments.

This pic was taken from Ali Express.

Creality has the single roll dryer available online but I haven’t seen the Space Pi Filament Dryer Plus there yet… Only on Ali Express for some reason…

Creality Store :arrow_heading_down:
Single Roll Space Pi Filament dryer

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