Does the Ender 3 v3 SE period of Life is 2 weeks only?

As the title says and a lot of topics around the Forum and on Internet like YT does the Ender 3 V3 SE just works for a couple of weeks and then just stop working as expected?

I got mine on Nov 30th, worked great at very good speed(180mm/s) till Dec 13rd, from that date all the prints failed miserably. All the prints were using PLA from Creality at 200/60, but now no adhesion whatsoever in the bed. I know everyone will say is the bed level or the X/Y axis, well followed this tutorial: and all looks good.

Even I upgraded the firmware to the 1.0.6 and also level the bed manually: No luck.
Bought a Crystal Bed from Creality, level manually again: No luck.
First Layer doesn´t stick and doesn’t matter if the level is manual or automatic but there is a gap(Z offset) that the machine overrides and make all the prints to fail.

Tried already increasing the Temp on Bed and Nozzle: No luck.
So now basically I have a $200 Black piece of aluminum, sitting there just as decoration.

PLA not sticking in bed, what I’ve done:

  • Level the Bed Automatically - No luck.
  • Upgrade Firmware to 1.0.6.
  • Level the bed manually - No luck.
  • Level the Bed Automatically - No luck.(Again, N times actually)
  • Bought Crystal Bed - No luck.
  • Replaced the Nozzle for the new spare one - No luck.
  • Calibrate ESteps for accurate extrusion - No luck.
  • Followed Creality After Sale video Tutorial to adjust Axis - No luck.
  • Adjusted all the screws - No luck.
  • Checked the eccentrics - No luck.

None of the videos or recommendations that I’ve been reading from the past week are working. PLA get sticky around nozzle but not sticking in the bed :person_shrugging:t4:

Hello @Iroh3d ,

What slicer are you using…?
I’m guessing you’ve used an adhesive on the bed…?

If Creality Print there is a Z offset adjustment.

I believe like @jimandyen has mentioned that this is likely a Z offset issue or the filament is damp or your bed needs a good clean with IPA.


What slicer are you using…?

I’ve tried with Cura and Creality Print.

I’m guessing you’ve used an adhesive on the bed…?

For the Magnetic bed Tried already: Glue, Spray, Raft nothing worked.
For the Crystal Bed Nothing it was supposed that glass was the best adhesion option without any other special materials.

If Creality Print there is a Z offset adjustment.

Not seen yet.

Even the brand new glass bed? :thinking:

Yep, even the smallest amount of dust or grease will prevent prints from sticking to the bed. You should always wipe over the bed with IPA between prints to ensure the bed it clean as it will help considerably with adhesion.

if you cannot adjust the Z offset during a print via the control interface on the printer then you can always adjust it via the Z offset options in the Creality Print slicer.

In Creality Print you can enable the Z offset here:

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If you mean IPA as Isopropyl alcohol then yes both beds were cleaned with it several times.

My best guess is the Z-Offset, doesn’t matter if I auto level or manually level the bed, everytime it do the autoHome the Offset is changed so all settings are lost and there is no way to override that autohome or at least not visible.

Wondering if someone has a Link to change the firmware to Klipper or something else to give it a try.

This is incorrect, leveling the bed and setting the Z offset of the nozzle are 2 completely different things. Once the bed is level you must adjust the Z offset as required.

The Ender v3 SE has the strain sensor for auto Z offset. On other printers with similar systems, it sometimes helps to replace the nozzle or check the hot end assembly.

You did everything EXCEPT change the filament.

I have had 2 occasions where strange printing problems turned out to be bad filament. Up till then I never considered it to be an issue. (Never had an issue with Creality filament … yet.)


Wrong, I have Creality, Chinese generic silk brand, Kardenal brand and PLA+ all of them do that on the original magnetic bed. Filament is not wet is stored correctly with their anti humidity bags.

And I’m not alone unfortunately we are a lot of folks having weird issues with the printer around. Just see YT or Reddit dedicated sub.

Right now I’m looking for an upgrade and I’m evaluating between the Elegoo Neptune 4 Plus or the Creality S1 Plus, maybe need to check the Prusa printers too before.

Good luck.

IPA is Indian Pale Ale! Also good😃

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même problème
après plusieurs recherche
décalage z en auto puis ajustement en manuel
résolution avec Orca slicer profil générique que j’ai paramétré avec les test de calibrage

Adjust it to what?

Hello @daarre and Welcome to the Creality Forum… :wave:Creality

The Z offset is where you adjust the nozzle closer or further away from the bed. Once the bed is level you can see in your first layer if it needs to be adjusted.
Each slicer or machine has a setting to do this… Make small changes.

décalage z c’est la distance entre le plateau et la buse il faut juste le régler avec une feuille de papier pour avoir la tête au lus proche mais sans que le papier ne puisses coulisser entre les deux. il faut que cela force un peut sans froisser le papier.
faire cela après le nivellement automatique.
pour moi
1 je fais un nivellement auto toute les 2 pièces
2 décalage Z manuel a chaque fois même pour vérifier ( ne pas oublier de faire une préchauffe)

One thing not mentioned is to do an Auto bed level, then go into settings and click “save configuration” this does not give confirmation but carry on.
Then print a bed calibration, and adjust your “Z” offset until you get a good 1st layer then save configuration again.
I have just installed the Creality Nebula Smart Kit and was amazed at how bad the bed level actually is with the bed mesh display. As mentioned the bed level is separate to the Z offset you need to do both.