Done the full Creality Print Calibration?

Thanks alot for Your link and efforts to try and find a solution for this!

I have printet out the same shape 3 times now with 3 different numbers of the Retraction Distance and -speed values. (I changed in the Gcode) but I see no difference in the outprinted shapes.

WAIT: Did you turn off “Braille Mode” in settings? I’m just kidding.

That’s curious it only happens on the curve in the middle? Does any other part of the print have that issue? Plus, it’s consistent print to print? What slicer are you using? Maybe try another for “laughs and giggles” or maybe more “crying and tears” :sleepy:

Maybe these links can help you out(?):

Thanks so much Lensman !!

It was this video

who got my attention towards some other place !

In 7 different places it was ugly on each of my shapes!

I have been studying the Gcode and could´t see what the problem was before I saw the video. I also had noticed some small stops exactly around the places where my shapes got ugly.

I took his Gcode and did a few small changes and You can see the outcome in the image. Problem solved!

Thanks again Lensman ! It´s like this a community should work!

Ah much better indeed! Glad you worked it out. Since I was informed that not completing the entire flow test is somewhat “normal” for a percentage of printers/users, I’ve since moved on to other areas. Seems as if my printer is actually pretty well calibrated relatively speaking.

I’ve printed this test cube:
and I’m pretty accurate so I’m not going to “fix it if it ain’t broke”.