Dune - Ornithopter - Kit

  • Model: **
  • Printing Machine: Ender 3 Max Neo
  • Selected materials: Hyper series PLA black, metalic paint, black rub and buff
  • Print settings: 4 walls, 100% infill, 0.08 layers (0.2mm 1st layer only)
  • **Time spent on printing:8 hours
  • Description: I just watched Dune 2 and wanted to print this and found a really neat card style model
  • Original Designer: by Kamteix
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Unfortunately, this was my last print from my Max Neo. My custom klipper profile caused an issue with a power surge and my hot end bent causing a plastic blob, which sent a short through the fans wiring to the mother board. I think Iā€™m going to wait for the K2 Plus!!!

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