E3S1Pro - fails to print - goes from 0% to 100% almost immediately

I have been using my E3S1Pro for 2 years - all has been fine until this week.

At the moment the printer preheats, levels and then goes from 0%to 100% and does not print anything.

I use Creality Slicer but have also tested this with Cura. I have tested both as an SD card upload and USB upload. I did also replace the SD card with a new one and the same issue. I have also tried this with multiple models.

I do have the laser/FDM firmware version but I have noted that the option to enable the laser is no longer being displayed.

FW ver
Screen UI21
HW Ver CR-FDM-v2.5.S1_1

any thoughts would be appreciated.


Hi @mattybaus60 and welcome to the forums.

I would recommend checking cabling to ensure nothing has come loose. Also make sure your filenames are not too long, the printer wont read files if the filename is too long. Also might be worth trying a fresh install of firmware to rule out any issues that may have occurred within the firmware.

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Yes - checked all the cables etc
unplugged them all replugged them
it printing again

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Glad to hear the printer is back printing again! :slight_smile: