Early adopter of CR Scan Raptor

Hi I’m am an early adopter of the CR Scan Raptor and have been trying it out. I am interested in finding the right place to post about it, ask questions, and get feedback. I have also come across a number of issues with it that I would like to share with Creality. Most of the user groups and forums all seem to be focused on 3d printing only so I’m looking for the right place.

Thank you,

Hello @mooreaa …! :wave:

Welcome to the Creality Forum…! Creality

One place you could post a review and talk about these scanners is on the Creality 3D Scanner Official Group

You can also post here as any review of these new products would be welcome and informative to members. :+1:

Creality and some it’s employees also are here who will see your posts.