Early Bird was a disaster

I tried to get the early bird yesterday and had the same problems as everyone else, tried again today and it was never available, no way it sold 700 in under 5 seconds. I have several Creality printers and am looking at getting the Falcon2 60w or 40w. I don’t care much about the discount, I just wanted to order a K2. Creality has found a way to turn off their customers. I will probably be ordering a Bambu if there are any left as everyone else is doing the same. Still must decide if I should get the Falcon2 or go to another brand.

If you’re going to do a promotion don’t turn people off, Ticketmaster found that out and now has a federal action filed against them by the US attorney general.

I really like Creality and want to use their products but disasters like this that show they don’t care about their customers make it difficult.

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Hardly a disaster, it’s much like getting Glastonbury tickets, its luck if you get one.

The problems I had and everyone else had yesterday was a disaster, the system couldn’t handle it. Today didn’t get the errors everyone reported yesterday but with a refresh every 5 seconds I can’t see that I never got to a page that said it was not sold out. Don’t see comments about the same problems today so maybe it was a little better.

I will be buying a Bambu X1 and probably will try again for the K2 as I really like Creality and can use both. Just need to find space.

From what I heard there was also a lot of issues with Paypal and other 3rd party payment apps not being able to handle the load…

At least Creality has forced Bambu to go on sale. I would have bought at 40% off but not 30% I have FREQUENTLY found that almost at the time earlybird printers arrive that I can get them cheaper on Ebay.

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I amin Australia and they don’t update that web properly and there was no link prior to the launch. The ads clearly said posts worldwide on the US website so I tried there. I actually got one in my basket but they would not hip to Australia. Tried the next night from the Australian site and though there was a buy button activated, pressing on it did nothing. I sell Creality printers and this does color my opinion. I know it was a lottery in a sense, but you could have a counter of sales made like they do with Flash Sales. Right now looking forward to my QIDI Q! Pro, Sovol SV08 and Anycubic K3 Combo. As I said I sell 3D printers. PS not enjoying the hassles getting the Nebula Pad to work.

On one of these events a few years ago I managed to get an item. they then messaged and said they don’t ship to UK . They did ship to UK if you paid retail price though, I now ignore these promotions

I found it on the Australia site, going of the live streams and such I’m guessing there are thousands of people mashing refresh. No web server is going to survive that, look at Ticketmaster that always crashes when tickets come out.

You just had to have luck on your side, I got one first day, mate got one the second day both in Australia.

While luck was a factor the site issues caused many people who got lucky to still not be able to order.
I refreshed right on time, got the item added to my basket, then it wouldn’t let me add my shipping info. Can’t remember exactly but got something like invalid shipping or we dont ship to US. even when refreshing the store still showed it as available.
Second day tried paying with PayPal but that wasn’t working. Possibly on PayPals side, but still ran into errors trying to checkout with card. Cart just kept crashing and eventually switched to out of stock.

Also, (and this may sound petty), but the deal of spending > A$350 earning a free gift wasn’t something I could cash in on, due to site struggles and wanting to pay before it failed. So…it’s only 1 kg of filament…but…it’s 1 kg of filament that was on offer for shopping on their site (but had to be added to the cart at the time).

Paypal throttled Creality, so even if you got a 50% to checkout you could miss out. I did TWICE! Creality didn’t let Paypal know that they’d be smashing their API for an hour. That sad part is, I did pick one up at 40% off since it was about the same price as the BL P1S combo I was going to buy instead. I’m showing a LOT of faith to Creality to give them my money for 4 months rather than getting a working printer immediately. The other faithful (or stupid depending on the outcome) is that the delivery period is significantly beyond the point where I can get a chargeback on my expenditure if they don’t deliver on their commitment.

I’m hoping for over-delivery with a 2nd generation product. Fingers crossed.