Efficient support is important

Has anyone managed to get any answer from support?
They answered my first two emails, useless answer though, now, nothing.
I regret that I bought direct from Creality, would have returned if I bought from Amazon.
Your experience?

My next, or only working printer will be something from Prusa.
Spare parts and support in EU.

Hello @Swede and Welcome to the Creality Forum…!! :wave:Creality

Sorry you’re having a bad experience…

Many have had problems of different kinds with printers and a lot of times another user has been able to help them out and get it working…

It might help if you told us what the problem is and maybe someone here can offer some advice or help… :+1:

Maybe join the Creality FB Group for more help also… :grinning:

Not sure what a FB group can help with when the probe is flashing red.
Support has received two emails without answering.
Emails to support will not get any case number/unique reference, it’s just a black hole.

When you post here or on FB or any other forum sometimes someone else will have had the same problem and figured out how to fix. As support is so busy and takes too long to answer sometimes posting to get help from other users is faster…

We still don’t know the full problem you are having. If the probe is stuck or flashing red sometimes it helps to very gently pull down on it as it could be stuck in the up position a little.

Nothing wrong with Prusa’s printers. If you can get parts and support easier then go for it… :+1:
It’s a great hobby no matter what printer you have…

Support is non existant and should be a deciding factor when considering which printer to buy.
I tried lubricant and some gentle force but the entire probe flashed red.
Useless company.

If it is a BL touch type probe undo the grub screw a little, it might be too close to the probe magnet for it to deploy.