Ender 2 Pro 3mm Filament

can I print with the Ender 2 Pro 3mm filament?
What I must change that I can do it?

Thx for answer

Well, for starters, are you equipped to print 3mm filament, or just 1.75mm? If you have the necessary parts in place, no reason not to!
Second, what printer? wait… that should be, What Printer, for starters…yeah, the printer is a lead, please don’t bury it, lol

Interesting question… :face_with_monocle:
I read a little about that and it seems you would need to:

1.) Return the 3mm filament and get 1.75mm :slight_smile:
2.) Find a 3mm extruder and tubing.
3.) Not sure how to work the slicer settings though…

Sorry. Not much help here… :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

The Ender 2 pro have 1.75mm
But I must change my extruder then I do better nothing :wink: Then I sell the 3mm Filament.

THX for the answers