Ender 3 Bowden tube length

What is the min and max length that the Bowden tube should be for an ender 3 v1, I’ve found differing lengths from 30cm upto 45cm, I did see somewhere it’s meant to be 35cm but can’t find a defo for the length & does it make a diff if the length is too short or long ?

Got to be better to be longer so it isn’t pulling on anything. Besides you could always shorten it if need be.

You need it long enough to still have some play in when the carriage is at it’s furthest point away otherwise it will pull back on the carriage as it prints you want a nice loop over to it so the filament doesn’t snag while moving

So I’d say between 35cm & 40cm roughly

Can’t measure as mine are both direct drive. Pop one side in ( I suggest the hotend one, preheat to temp loosen off the nozzle a turn push the tube in and retighten the nozzle) push the x gantry over as far as it will go and cut the other end when you get the length that’s not pulling on the gantry and looks good.

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Awaiting some new Bowden tube arrival at the mo then I’ll replace it

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