Ender 3 CR Touch crashes into the bed

Ender 3 CR Touch crashes into the bed, unless I unplug the E connector from the motherboard, then plug it back in just before it starts printing.
I have also upgraded to the Creality direct drive extruder.
Help would be very much appreciated.
V4.2.2 motherboard. Latest Creality CR touch firmware.
Using Prusa Slicer V2.7.1

Hi @roy_holden and welcome to the forums.

I would recommend checking over your wiring to make sure you havent got a cable plugged incorrectly.

I would also recommend checking your probe offset values (X, Y and Z), if you have changed the printhead then the probe co-ordinates (X and Y) would likely need updating along with the probe z offset.

Also make sure that you have G29 in your start gcode of your slicer to ensure the probe is used during bed levelling. It should be placed directly underneath G28.