Ender 3 direct drive extruder

Hello everyone. I recently purchased the direct drive kit for my ender 3 from creality store. After fitting it I printed a lithopane and a potato flute out perfectly. Now it will not print past layer 30 or so I would say. PLA stops coming out or it stops then starts again but spaghetti-fied. I have reduced retraction distance to 0.8mm and retraction speed to 40. Nozzle temp is 205 with pla and print speed is 35mm. Fan is working on hotend and I have also stripped and cleaned hotend after every attempt. Replaced the small beice of tube and now replaced hotend with creality upgraded hotend. Still the same. Help me someone please!!!

There is no picture as well as the extruder model number, sorry can’t answer, suggest to find the official after-sales service to solve the problem

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Please, pix! I haven’t looked into a lot of fw, but have you made any changes from stock/factory? More info is good info :slight_smile:
There is awesome support for Ender 3’s from the community, you are NOT alone!

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Sorry for the late response and thank you for answering.I could not log back in it was saying account does not exist. I will send more info on when I get home from work. Yes I have put dual z motors on, marlin firmware, upgraded hot end, bed springs, plate. But I just cannot get a print to work with the official creality direct drive. Will send more info asap. Thanks again.