Ender 3 - Direct Drive Mod - Extruder Issue?

Hello there! This is my first post in the forum! My name is Nate and I recently got a second Ender 3 from a buddy of mine. After tramming everything, redoing the wiring and releveling the bed I have finally attempted to start printing with it again. I am, however, running in to a small issue where the extruder does not seem to be pushing enough of the filament through the nozzle.

Things I have tried:

  • Changing the nozzle
  • Releveling the bed (too close?)
  • Adjusting the tension knob on the extruder spring feeder thing

Any suggestions would be helpful as I’m kind of stuck and out of ideas. Here are a couple of pictures :


I was able to fix it using the following videos, my friend tuned me in to the issue being the extruder step setting because I flashed the firmware!

The first video explains how to do it on a direct drive, and the second video explains how to adjust the software.

It’s printing great!!!