Ender 3 (just that) making a lasting beep when turned on

I’m working on an Ender 3 at school, a relatively new one. While trying to install a TL smoother and removing the hot glue on the mainboard, It starts making a long beep. I turned it off. Then, after finishing installation, I turned it on.Another long beep. It keeps on doing that.

Turn off the printer and inspect the thermistor on the hotend, usually this error is caused by a loose or incorrectly seated thermistor sensor.

ok. Also, the LCD doesn’t do anything other than light up.

If you are unable to locate a loose connection or faulty part I would recommend contact support to see if they can assist you. You can contact them via live chat, facebook or email cs@creality.com

Voltage setting correct…? :thinking: :christmas_tree:

Last time I checked, yes.

inspect the thermistor on the hotend,

I did replace the hotend (nothing else) so maybe something went wrong?