Ender 3 Max Neo Filament Sensor

I got my Max Neo about a year ago and the filament runout sensor has never worked. Also, I have Octoprint and I would like Host Commands to work. Anyone having these issues?
I am running the 4.2.2 main board but do have a 4.2.7 If I could get that to work.

Are you using the latest firmware think it’s v1.4.2.

The 4.2.7 board I don’t think has a Max Neo bout by Creality so you would have to go down the path on compiling for yourself. Or finding a prebuilt version

Thank you. Yes, I am running the latest 1.4.2C for the Max Neo.

However, is my sensor supposed to work? Does anyone have a Max Neo with the Runout Sensor working or is it just misleading advertising? I am currently looking at tying the sensor directly into my Octoprint PI4.

Have you enabled the sensor in the advanced setting, it was active in the firmware but disabled by default. I sold my Neo a while back but I had a working one on it.

I guess you are asking if I have recompiled the firmware…as of now no.
I really would like to get a known good config file for the Max Neo with the needed changes before I try it since I am not yet comfortable making them myself. I have VS Code etc already set up.

No not at all. In the menus of the printer there should be an advanced part where you can turn in the runout sensor from memory it’s the same place where you turn off an on the power outage recovery

On my Ender 3 Max Neo I haven’t seen either one of options.
Is there an Advanced menu I need to enable?

Have you got a way to send commands to the printer via a host. If you send M412 it should respond with the status of the run out sensor. If it says unknown it’s not enabled in the firmware if it responds you can send M412 S1 to enable

Regarding enabling host commands you can only do this when compiling your own build or using one that someone has pre done for your printer.

Interesting! I’ll give it a try!

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The M412 command results in an Unknown Command response…

So it’s not enabled in the firmware. May have to look at professional firmware

Looking at Mriscoc Marlin firmware now…

Ended up up getting firmware from TH3D. I requested they make several adjustments/additions and it works great! I now get Host Commands back to Octoprint and the filament sensor works perfectly. Support has been terrific. Worth every penny.