Ender 3 Max Neo with Sprite Extruder Pro - What Firmware?

I installed the Sprite Extruder Pro Direct Drive kit hotend on my Ender 3 Max Neo. There doesn’t seem to be any way to get the printer to recognize the new offset of the CR Touch, or to change the profile to allow for the new hot end temperatures up to 300C. I’ve experimented with newer firmware but I haven’t been able to get the Z offset to work right or get the automatic bed leveling to work. I have restored the latest official firmware, but I’m back to the original issues.

I can still do prints with a manual level, thought X, and Y axis are skewed so all the prints are offset on the X and Y axis. I would still like to restore autolevel, and enable the new higher temps on the hot end. Does anyone know how I can get the source code from Creality for the Ender 3 Max Neo Firmware? With that, I could adjust the settings I need in firmware so that the new hot end will work as desired.

Hi @mutterminder and welcome to the forums.

Usually you shouldn’t have to change the firmware, instead you need to tell the printer the new co-ordinates of the probe and also specify the new boundaries of the bed.

Check out this Reddit post which has 2 methods for resolving the issue, I would recommend choosing option 1 and staying with the Stock firmware.

To help those with ender 3 max neo sprite extruder installation issues

Good luck and hope that helps :slight_smile:

this lead me into a loop, had the same issue as the OP originally but my cr touch was fried. got a new cr touch and put the sprite extruder on and now my auto level option puts the y axis too far back and probes off the bed in the front and starts a loop of trying to level. id edit the firmware but i cannot for the life of me find the section and even if i did i do not know the correct offset for the printer… the gcode mentioned in the guide is just faulty as its whats telling the printer to go way too far foreward.