Ender 3 Pro printing mid air

I was gifted a 3D printer by a friend, when i calibrated the printer, leveled the bed and such, i began a print and it started printing mid air, im rather new to 3d printers so any help would be accepted, it is essentially fully stock but with a BL-Touch module added.

You have to adjust the offset for the Z axis. If it is off a lot you can try adjusting the position of the BL=Touch sensor. After that you have to go in to the calibration section and adjust the offset for the Z. If it is printing high you need to put in a negative number to get the print head lower. Be careful when checking because if you get the negative number to high you can crash the nozzle into the bed. When you get it right a sheet of notebook paper should slide between the nozzle and the bed with some drag that you can feel while the readout shows that Z is at zero.

I am having similar issues. Mine starts to print the raft and then goes in mid air.