Ender 3 Pro PrusaSlicer settings

Hello. Can anyone share the Prusa slicer settings for Ender 3 Pro?

Hi @ViooYa and welcome to the forums!

PrusaSlicer already has built in profiles for the Ender 3 Pro. To enable the profiles do the following…

Open PrusaSlicer, select Configuration followed by Configuration Wizard.
When the wizard window opens select “Creality FFF” and you will see a list of profiles for various Creality printers. Select the Ender 3 Pro profile with the appropriate nozzle size and then click on Finish. The Ender 3 Pro profile and settings should then be available within the slicer.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Yes, I added the preset one. But what I want to say is; Things like tweaks and custom g code that need to be done.

If you need to make tweaks to the profile you can do so by enabling the Expert option in the slicer which will then show you all the settings available to tweak.

The start and end gcodes should already be pre-filled in if required when you select the profile.

The only time you should need to make any changes to the settings or gcodes is if you run into any issues. The printer should function completely fine on the stock profiles :slight_smile: